An eight-piece world rock band from Milwaukee, WI.

Live at River Horse West, West Bend, WI. 1.7.12

Recording Update!  Many drum, bass, guitar, and keys have been recorded. There have been many adjustments to what we are putting together but we are still on target!   Music samples to follow

a preview of what is coming for early 2012

Recording in Progress!

Hey everyone, we have begun working on our next recording endeavor.  As a band we try our best to do things ourselves, which entails: Recording, Artwork, Merch, and the like. Our goal is to make sure each thing we present from shows to shirts is better than the one before it. This makes every practice, meeting, and recording, an opportunity for discovery and development 

With this recording things are happening more methodically.  We started by having a look at the past—reviewing what went well and what didn’t. Then we delved deep into the tracks we plan on recording and deconstructed the songs.  We want to put a spotlight on the eight individuals involved and their contribution to the whole, instead of it being only about the wall of sound that we can create.  With our new lineup we could have 2 basses, violin and accordion duets, or loads of bass sax at any moment in a song. Now, that is something special and we are excited to give you our best version of A/S yet!

So, what are we recording?

What I can tell you is that we are putting together a collection of songs that tells our story.  Some of the songs are being re-recorded from past releases, and one song is being written and arranged through the recording process.  The goal is to have a comprehensive recording that demonstrates the scale and scope of Astral/Subastral.  

The plan is to finish this endeavor before the year’s end and have it available early 2012.  

Stay tuned…


Playing for Change Day Potluck and Jam Session. 9.17.11

But first,  some maintenance.

But first, some maintenance.

Playing for Change Day 9.17.11

We are Playing for Change tonight! A houseparty potluck fundraiser is going down in one hour! Photos and updates coming soon!